Frequently Asked Questions

about Washing Machines


The programme does not start
Check that the mains plug is correctly inserted and that the fuse has not tripped.
Check that there is mains power available
Check that the door is closed properly
Has the correct programme has been selected and started
Has the stop/start button been pressed
Does your appliance have a delay timer and has it been set

My washing machine is not taking in water, why?

Possible causes could be:

The mains water supply has been turned off
The water inlet tap is turned off
The hose filter is blocked
The pipe is blocked or bent
Why is my machine not emptying or spinning?

There are a number of possible causes:

Check that you have not selected 'Rinse Hold' as part of your programme
A foreign object may have blocked the drain pump. You can clear this by unscrewing the drain pump cover at the front of your machine. Any debris will be released as the water drains out.
Check the drain hose and your waste system for blockages etc.
If the appliance has just been installed, the internal fixing screws may not have been removed (check your installation instructions).
Check that the machine has been levelled properly
The drum door cannot be opened
Check that the mains plug is correctly inserted and that the fuse has not tripped.
Many appliances feature an emergency door release for use in the event of mains failure or if the water outlet is blocked. Please consult your user manual.
If your washing programme has finished, your machine is provided with a safety system which means that the door cannot be opened immediately and there will be a delay in releasing the door catch until the drum is quite still and a short time has elapsed.
Why can't I see any water in the drum during washing?
Modern washing machines are provided with a system which is able to adapt to the load and type of fabrics, adjusting the levels of water and energy used, in order to preserve the environment. This means that although the water level you can see may look low, there is no cause for concern as washing and rinsing efficiency will still be at optimum.

Why does my washing machine smell?
This tends to be the caused by the use of predominantly low temperature washing programmes which can result in the build up of bacteria and un-dissolved detergents which can cause the appliance (and clean laundry) to smell.
Overloading the machine can also contribute to this. Check that the weight of your laundry is suitable for the wash programme you have chosen as some have a lower wash capacity.
To remove any smells, run the machine with no laundry at a high wash temperature to clear the drum of any residues. If suds can be seen in the drum during this process the programme should be repeated until only clean, clear water can be seen.
Why is my fabric conditioner not emptying?
Please note that it is not unusual for a small amount of water or conditioner to be left in the compartment.
If the appliance is not emptying any of the conditioner during the wash cycle there may be some sort of blockage in the detergent drawer. Please ensure the machine is switched off before removing the detergent drawer and thoroughly clean it in hot water. You can find instructions on how to remove the drawer in your user manual.
Why is there black build up in the detergent drawer?
The use of predominantly low temperature washing programmes can result in the build up of bacteria in this area. This can easily be removed by thoroughly cleaning both the detergent drawer and the compartment with a long handled brush. Once clean treat with a sterilising solution such as Milton.
To reduce any further build-up, when you have finished using the appliance leave the appliance door and drawer open slightly to allow fresh air to flow through
Why does my washing feel harsh?
This could be due to the under dosing of detergent which allows natural mineral salts from the water supply to deposit back into fibres during rinsing. Refer to your detergent manufacturers instructions to ensure that the correct dosage of detergent is being used.
If a fabric conditioner is being used and the wash load still feels harsh or hard, then the conditioner could be dispensing early. This occurs if the fabric conditioner compartment is overfilled.

Why is my washing machine vibrating or making excessive noise?
Check that the interior transit screws have been taken out (see your installation instructions)
Check that the appliance is level.
Check the machine for foreign objects at the end of the wash cycle.