Frequently Asked Questions

about Induction Hobs


How do induction hobs work?
Induction hobs are quicker and more controllable than gas. The hob works by using a magnetic field to heat the pan rather than through the ceramic surface of the hob. The hob is extremely efficient as it heats pans to a high temperature very quickly, but offers greater safety as only the pan is heated and the ceramic plate remains relatively cool.

Are there any differences between induction cooking and regular hob cooking?
As an induction hob operates slightly differently to a traditional ceramic hob, you may need to make some adjustments to the cooking times and temperatures to achieve the desired results. Pan contents heat more quickly with an induction hob. To reduce the cooking time, turn the power control to the max position and after a short time set the power control to the required position.

I have a pace maker / other medical implant. Can I still use an induction hob?
The induction hob generates short-range magnetic fields. If any user or person in close proximity has a pacemaker or other active implants, please consult a doctor before use concerning any possible incompatibility to prevent any risk to health.

What is the best way to use my induction hob?
Induction hobs will only produce heat when a suitable pan is placed upon the heating zone, as only ferrous (magnetic) utensils will work on induction hobs.

How do I know if I can use my pans?
Cast iron is the perfect material and some stainless steel, depending upon the iron content, is also suitable. To check the pan, apply a magnet to the base, if it attaches solidly the pan will work, if the magnet feels loose or does not attach the pan will not work. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of your pans.
The pan size should always closely match the size of the heating zone but not exceed it. It may be smaller than the zone but in general terms not smaller than 60% of the diameter of the zone. The induction hob is suitable for pans with a base diameter of 12 - 22cm.
Also only use flat bottomed pans. If they are unsuitable the induction hob will not detect the pan.

I have pressed the power button but no indicators are lit. What should I do?
Check that:
That the power is switched on (is there a power cut?)
That the controls are switched on
Check the fuse in the plug and the mains fuse.
Is the safety lock function (key symbol) on? If your hob has this feature, consult your user manual as to how to deactivate it.

The power button indicator lights up, but heating does not start when power control is adjusted?
Check that a pan is centrally located on the correct induction zone, and that it is suitable for the appliance.

The induction hob will not heat up
The hot plate will not glow red as it will only get hot where the pan touches it. The hot plate will not work until a pan is placed on the hob. There is a pan sensor on these products to help save on power.

What does it mean if a Failure code shows?
Please check your user manual for what the codes mean as many of the faults can be rectified by yourself following instructions in the user manual.

How do I clean my induction hob?
Always switch off, unplug and allow to cool before cleaning.
Wipe the hob with a soft damp cloth or non-abrasive cleaner and dry thoroughly, ensuring all traces of cleaner are removed.
Do not use abrasive or scouring detergents/powders, scouring pads or steel wool as they will damage the control panel.
Food, liquids and fat spillages should be removed as soon as possible as they become increasingly difficult to remove if they are continually heated and are allowed to harden. If you cannot remove them with a cloth use a glass scraper. Do not use a sharp knife or other sharp utensil as these may damage the hob plate or control panel.