Frequently Asked Questions

about Gas Hobs


PLEASE NOTE: Any gas installation must comply with the Gas Safety Regulations. Any work on this type of appliance must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered fitter.

What do I do if I smell gas?
1. Do not turn electric switches on or off
2. Do not smoke
3. Do not use naked flames
4. Do turn off the gas at the meter or cylinder
5. Do open doors and windows to get rid of the gas
6. Do keep people away from the area affected
Call your gas supplier or National Grid on 0800 111 999

My Flame colour is not blue
A healthy gas flame will burn steadily and be blue in colour but if that flame isn’t getting enough oxygen it will appear yellow or orange.
It may temporary and caused by particles in the air, such as dust. This should resolve itself quickly.
It could be as simple as a dirty burner that needs a clean - this can cause the flame to burn too high, which can lead to it turning orange. Keep your burners clean by mopping up any spills on a daily basis and taking it apart to give it a thorough clean in warm soapy water every month or so.
Humidifiers have also found to cause a change in colour to the flame, even when they are on a different floor at the other end of the house. If you have a humidifier in your house, try turning off for a few hours to see if this resolves the situation.
This may also indicate that your hob has not been set up correctly for the type of gas supply ie natural gas or LPG. Contact your installer to check the gas supply and convert the hob, a conversion kit should have been supplied with the appliance.

However, if the flame continues to burn orange, your cooktop needs attention occasionally it is a more serious problem that will require professional help. If too much Carbon Monoxide is produced, due to incomplete combustion or lack of ventilation around the cooktop, it can prove dangerous, so it is essential to get it checked out by a qualified gas engineer.
If you have a gas appliance in your property, it is highly recommended you have a carbon monoxide detector installed.

My hob won't light
Check the following:
That the power is switched on (is there a power cut?)
That the controls are switched on
Check the fuse in the plug and the mains fuse, or has a circuit breaker tripped

Can gas hobs be converted to work with LPG?
Most gas hobs are supplied with the conversion jets for LPG. (All gas installations must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer and to the current regulations in place).

Why are the gas rings hard to ignite?
The ignitor is located under the burner cap. If the cap has become slightly displaced the ignitor may not spark. Check that all caps are properly located.
Ignition is quicker if a pan is in place. Ignite with the gas at full and once alight turn down to around 50%.

Why does the ignition spark continue to operate?
This happens when the ignition actuator sticks down when used and can be caused by various factors:
It can be due to the ingress of grease or debris
The ignitor block within the body of the hob may be short-circuited by a fault
By the ingress of water due to cleaning of the hob or water boiling over onto the hob top and entering the appliance. If it has been caused by water ingress the problem will cure itself once the hob dries out.
If water is not the cause you will require a Corgi registered engineer to dismantle the appliance and carry out a repair. On no account attempt to dismantle a gas appliance unless you are suitably qualified.

How can I clean aluminium burner rings?
Aluminium rings tend to mark when foodstuffs land on them whilst hot. Many foodstuffs have a fatty content which tend to burn on very quickly when they land on the aluminium surface. Even water/liquid will tend to burn on the burner rings and leave a brown mark.
The most effective way to clean these burners is to ensure any food residue is cleaned off as soon as possible after cooking. Please ensure the hob is turned off and allow the burners to cool properly before attempting to clean - don't try to clean whilst the burners are still hot.
To remove stubborn stains, you can also clean by soaking the burners in a solution of warm soapy water (overnight if possible), and any remaining stains can be removed with the use of a non-abrasive cream cleaner available from supermarkets which can be applied by using a green nylon scouring pad.

The burner caps are discoloured - how can they be cleaned?
Burner caps will occasionally discolour due to the heat from the gas flame. These can easily be cleaned use a proprietary non-abrasive cleaner available from supermarkets.

How can I clean cast iron pan supports?
Frequently scrubbing the supports in warm soapy water is a very effective way of keeping them clean, but you can also use a non-abrasive cream cleaner. To prevent them from rusting, make sure that the supports are thoroughly dried after cleaning.

How do I clean a stainless steel finish?
There are many proprietary stainless steel cleaners available from supermarkets which should clean any marks from the hob, or to improve the finish use an e-cloth.