Frequently Asked Questions

about Tumble Dryers


My machine does not work
Check there is a supply of electricity and that a fuse has not tripped
Check that the machine is switched on and the door properly closed.
Some appliances are fitted with a resettable cut-out. Check that this has not operated.

My clothes are not dry after the normal drying time
Check that the filter is clean
Check that you have used the correct heater setting
If it is a vented dryer, check that the venting hose is not blocked (sometimes a strong wind may cause a back pressure)
Check that you have not set the timer within the cool down period

To ensure your dryer operates efficiently
Don't overload the dryer
Don't dry articles singly as they tend to roll up and so increase drying time
Don't dry woollen or wool mixture articles unless the article is labelled as suitable
Don't allow the venting hose (where applicable) or filter to become blocked
Don't allow fluff to accumulate around the tumble dryer.